La Linea dell'Inutile


Posted in food, tea by maurozz on luglio 12, 2014

Nuova pippa sul te’ che gia’ non mi bastava Damman Freres. Vediamo cosa combino con questo Teabox, che oltre a un sito e’ anche un modo nuovo di bypassare tutti quanti nella filiera e dall’India spedire direttamente a destinazione. Non una rivoluzione quindi  ma in realta’ si.

E spedisce provando a fare anche un minimo di cultura di base, come questa sui miti veri o falsi dell’agricoltura organica.

Myth #2 Organic farming is better for the environment

Status : True. For now.

Say I give you a slice of chocolate cake and a leaf of lettuce. I am guessing you will take the warm, sweet cake instead of the lettuce. Would you like another slice? Of course yes. How about another? Around the tenth slice of cake, the lettuce starts looking very appealing.

This is the current state of the environment, especially soil.

Organic farming methods do show a significant improvement in soil quality but whether or not it is good for long-term, remains debatable. The soil is so abused with chemicals now that any even a mild change in methods is a great relief. However, to continue using organic methods till the top soil’s quality stabilizes, is recommended.


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