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“Sustainability of Food Systems”: compito a casa

Posted in food by maurozz on luglio 13, 2013

Questo mi e’ piaciuto un sacco: scrivere un discorso (tra le 300 e le 600 parole) che un CEO di una azienda Big Food (parente di Big Pharma) deve tenere a una riunione degli azionisti.

Welcome, shareholders. In the next few minutes, I will describe to you my long-term vision for our company

Time of change in the industry, as usual. There’s no year’s speech without mentioning this, have you all noticed ? Good sign, because a changing world is a wold full of opportunities for a company like this. Never let anything worrying you while in a changing world, business can only get better … if we make right moves.

What does it mean to you ? “Long-term” I mean, 10 years ?, 5 ?, whatelese ? I tell you that my long term view is no less than 15 years.

We do not create silly apps for our smartphones, we do not design, produce and sell cosmetics with beautiful girls smiling out of the box, we are not a telecommuncations giant, and, by the way, we are not Google, in case you are still asking yourself if.

We produce things that people eat, we produce fuel for people, we literally produce __life__.

Think back to your breakfast this morning, think back to what you have consumed, do it ! really, I give you 2 minutes …

Have you eaten something produced by us ? by our competitors ? who is behind your breakfast every day ?

Our industry is there, and it’s not like switching off a TV, we are the very foundation of the world as it is known today.

But in 15 years we will die, yes you got it ! We will die. Because breakfast will not be the same in 15 years, because people will change their habit, because people will move, because people are people. And we are also people, with a family we care about.

And our big family out there, the one we feed everyday, asks us to do something to take extra care of her.

Dear shareholders, in 15 years from now, you will find a company completely different from the one you know. Some of our most “addicted” food will be dropped, some of our brands will be completely redesigned, some new smaller production site will be open, and much more.

In 15 years you will find a new sustainable company going to deliver your breakfast every day. And you will love it !

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